Coming to the UK and being a student in PHBS UK will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

To capture this, we held a photo competition for all the new students to be able to show their first impressions of the UK and life at PHBS UK – What they felt, first impressions, feelings, cultural shocks, nice moments, unique places, new traditions, all of which can be a very special way to pay tribute to their adventure.

The competition ran from when the students first started in September until 31st October and the winner was announced on Wednesday 3rd November. The prize for the competition was £50 in Amazon vouchers kindly provided by Professor Liu.

A judging panel was then asked to individually select a photo that they thought most fitted the criteria.  The winner was then announced!
The winning student was ROBERTA LAZZERI with her photo and paragraph ‘new beginning’s’
There is always something fascinating about a new beginning, and this time even more. After more than one year of online classes we had the opportunity to start our master’s program in the PHBS UK campus. Being here, surrounded by nature and amazing friends gives me a sense of peace and gratitude. This picture represents a new beginning, our new beginning.