Campus life

1. A little about PHBS-UK
Peking UK Campus HSBC Business School is one of the most dynamic, innovative, and internationalized business schools in the world. It has been accredited by AACSB as one of the top 5% of over 16,000 business schools in the world for its international excellence in academics, including both teaching and research.
There is a sense of serendipity surrounding the establishment of PHBS-UK. The current site of PHBS (UK) - Foxcombe Hall - on Boars Hill, with its tower and pond, it mirrors that of the iconic tower and pond at Peking University in Beijing. Secondly, there is the shared academic history between the Lord who built Foxcombe Hall and the first President of Peking University; Both Lord Randall Berkeley (the Eighth Earl of Berkeley) and President Yan Fu attended the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, England during the 1870s. Finally, both Lord Berkeley and the previous President of Peking University, Dr Jian Hua Lin, are both chemistry trained . This historical serendipity is extraordinary.  As Professor Liu put it, it seems as if a deal was made in the heavens above that Peking University was meant to be at the current site. Professor Liu then took our visitors through the structure of the different types of courses offered by the UK UK Campus, namely the three cross-border Masters Programme: PHBS UK-China Masters of Finance, and PHBS UK-China Masters of Management, both of which culminate in a Masters of Arts (MA) qualification respectively and the PHBS UK-China Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Professor Liu also shared with our visitors the UK Campus’s vision, which is to develop PHBS (UK) academically by offering a larger variety of courses which would appeal to both local and international students.

2. General Information

You will all be living in and around the City of Oxford. Oxford City Centre is a vibrant and historical city centre, laden with shops, restaurants, and amenities which would cater to most of your daily needs. The UK Campus will provide 2 daily shuttle bus service to Bertie Place. Please check the shuttle bus schedule on the Intranet for more updated information. There are frequent and numerous bus links from Bertie Place to the City Centre should you need a more diverse and vibrant experience.
At PHBS-UK, the four teaching blocks make up the academic year. Each teaching block lasts for nine weeks with the ninth week being the examination week, except the fourth teaching block which incorporates summer projects such as dissertation research and preparation.

3. Aims and Objectives 
As part of the renowned Peking University, the UK Campus’ primary aims are to create an environment conducive to learning, and to pursue excellence in teaching and research with a global insight. Graduates make a distinctive and highly valued contribution to the intellectual life of the UK Campus. Regardless of whether you are taking a taught course or conducting research, as a Graduate you have an opportunity to engage in projects and other activities that advance the boundaries of knowledge and understanding in your field, and which have the potential to improve well-being beyond the academy. Admission and graduation from Peking University give all graduates access to an international community of remarkable people doing amazing things, providing an opportunity to enrich and enlarge your intellectual horizons.


The UK Campus has a strong and long-standing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and to promoting a positive culture which celebrates difference, challenges prejudice and ensures fairness. Our staff and students are our greatest assets and all members of the UK Campus community should expect to be able to excel, and to be respected and valued for their unique perspectives and contributions.


Integrity, collegiality and inclusivity are central to the UK Campus’s values. In accordance with these values the UK Campus is committed to providing an environment in which all members of the UK Campus community treat each other with dignity and respect, and where bullying, harassment and discrimination are known to be unacceptable.


The UK Campus regards any incident of bullying, harassment or discrimination as a serious matter and will respond promptly and sensitively to formal complaints, and where appropriate take disciplinary action.

4. General Education

a. Academic Provision 

The primary responsibility for the provision of Graduate education lies with the UK Campus.If you are taking a taught course, the Academic Course Manager will take care of your course requirements. The Academic Support and Student Welfare and ExperienceManagement Team will facilitate your studies by providing academic and pastoral support of various kinds, in addition to social and recreational facilities.


b. The Senior Tutor
The senior tutor has general oversight, with the relevant lecturers and academic supervisors, of the academic work of all students pursing graduate courses. The Senior Tutor also has oversight of the welfare of all students pursing graduate courses, including referrals from relevant lecturers and academic supervisors, liaison with the Welfare committee, and support for students requiring or seeking academic, financial, or other support from the UK Campus.


The Senior Tutor is the first point of contact for students with queries about UK Campus processes (such as extension requests, examination adjustments). As the Senior Tutor is also the Secretary of the Academic Board, the Senior tutor may, as occasion requires, represent the student body’s views to the Academic Board.


c. Monitoring of Academic Progress
The UK Campus takes a serious interest in the academic progress of the students. The Head of UK Campus, the Senior Tutor, the Academic Course Manager, and the Student Welfare and Experience Manager, hold meetings with the student body every term to address their learning needs.


Alternatively, if you have an academic issue that you would like to address with a member of staff, you can email either the Academic Course Manager, the Student Welfare and Experience Manager, or the Senior Tutor to request an appointment and discuss your issues with them privately.



d. Disabilities and Special Needs
If you have a special learning or access need, the UK Campus is committed to helping put in place recommended support, including any reasonable adjustments to study that may be needed. The Senior Tutor acts as the UK Campus’s academic lead, and the Academic Course Manager acts as the UK Campus’s academic coordinator. These officers can liaise on your behalf with the UK Campus in assessing your needs.

**COVID-19 Update
The information in the rest of this section relates to normal working and living arrangements and may not reflect adjustments made in response to the coronavirus pandemic.