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  • Development & Improvement
  • New Proposals
  • Benefits

After acquisition in 2017, PHBS has completed several developments of internal renovations including a new atrium which was completed in November 2018.

Our aim of the new development is to provide our students with best international learning experience in the UK for the value of their future. We also aim at taking the opportunity of this new development for improving both the view of its existing buildings and the sustainable use of this historical site.

Motivated by our aims, the UK Campus of PHBS at Boars Hill has been under consultation with MICA and Edgars to apply planning permission for the proposed new student accommodation, new dining hall, new library and new teaching hall. The new proposed design can be seen more details in a dedicated website on our planning application at: www.phbs-consultation.com. The new design will ensure the integrity of the original building and the history of the site to be enhanced.

We are looking forward to your supporting to this new exciting development opportunity for further improvement of this historical site of education.

We are a credible Institution in committing to protect culture heritage and improve the sustainability of the historical site for education

  • Atrium Hall Project-completed in Nov 2018



  • Berkeley Hall Renovation -completed in Nov 2018





  • Renovation of Lord Berkeley Private Room in 2017



  • Greener environment- Building Woodland Garden and Walk



Our ambition is to provide modern study, living and workspace, in sustainable buildings that will last for generations to come.

  • Existing site layout plan showing the buildings that are proposed to be demolished in red

  • Emerging proposals site layout plan showing proposed buildings in orange

  • Existing view from Berkeley Road looking west
    Artist impression of proposed view from Berkeley Road looking west,showing the

  • 1990s extension demolished and replaced with a new building of a more sympathetic design and the improved facade to the 1970s extension

  • Existing view from Berkeley Road looking east

  • Artist impression of proposed view from Berkeley Road looking east, showing an improved facade to the 1970s extension and a new, sympathetically designed building to replace the 1990s lecture theatre

  • Existing view from Bedwells Heath

  • Artist impression of proposed view from Bedwells Heath, showing the 'Old Dairy' laboratory building demolished and replaced with a new building of similar height but set back from the boundary to allow for additional landscaping and screening

  • Artist impressionExisting view from Jarn Way

  • of proposed view from Jarn Way, showing the proposed new building set at a lower level to retain appropriate ridge lines and heights and away from the boundary to allow for additional landscaping and screening

In addition to academic benefits, the proposals for PHBS offer a whole host of social, environmental and economic benefits

  • Local:

    Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 payments will be made to the Vale of White Horse District Council and can be used to improve local infrastructure.

    Upon completion, 29 permanent jobs will be supported by the new PHBS UK campus.

    On-site accommodation reduces the housing demand in Oxford and the need for students to travel.

    Approximately £2 million in supply chain expenditure will be generated by the campus, providing valuable custom and revenue for local businesses.

    To protect green belt environment, the new PHBS UK Campus commits to collaborating with the local community and OPT so as to ensure the sustainability of the current environment over time.

    To promote local employment, the new PHBS UK Campus offers sponsorship of employability training courses at the site of the new PHBS UK Campus.

  • National:

    Universities make an important contribution to the UK’s economy and are a key source of economic growth.

    The new PHBS UK Campus will attract international visitors, tourism and local investment. It will enhance the UK’S productive capacity and formation of human capital.

  • International:

    The development will provide state of the art teaching and research facilities, improving global research, enterprise and teaching.

    Enhanced understanding, collaboration and opportunities between the UK and Chinese businesses and governments.

    The campus will create a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.