MA in Management


Highlight of the Programme
The cross-border study Programme requires students to study across two Campuses: one year at the Peking University HSBC Business School - UK Campus (henceforth “UK Campus”), and another year at Peking University HSBC Business School – Shenzhen, China Campus (henceforth “the School"). The Programme provides students with an opportunity to gain more international learning experiences during their two-year full-time study at Peking University (PKU) in study of management and finance at the postgraduate level (Level 7). Students who have successfully completed the two-year study Programme will be awarded the Masters of Arts degree from Peking University.
The Programme aims to equip students with the necessary expertise to pursue careers in business management and enhance their career development in leadership management in a wide range of business sectors. It will also provide the foundational knowledge in management theories required by students to embark on further advanced research in academia. The Programme aims to equip students with the necessary management knowledge and skills required for business development. It also aims to build and develop students’ analytical abilities in applying economic and management theories towards the investigation of issues in business management and development.  Students in this Programme will also have opportunities to gain cross-cultural experiences that will greatly enhance their international knowledge, skills, and capabilities which would enable them to pursue their career development globally.
Mode of Study
Time of Study
Two Years of Full Time: One year in the UK; One year in China
Maximal Period of Registration: 5 Years
Study Credits
Compulsory Courses:    42    
Optional Courses:          12
Total:                              54
Credits are transferable between the UK and China Campus
Learning Outcomes
•  Acquire skills, theories and knowledge required for business management and development
• Acquire quantitative and econometric techniques for data processing and modelling.
• Build and develop analytical abilities in applying economic and management theories, as well as econometrics and AI techniques to critically analyse the phenomenon and issues presented in business management and development
• Be skilled in critical thinking and developing arguments or views from case study and observations of real businesses and practices
• Develop management leadership skills from coursework and team work during projects, discussions, and presentation
• Be able to carry out effective communication through the professional presentation of their views and by logically explaining and defending
arguments related to management studies
• Develop a global perspective through a cross-cultural learning experience
• Understand China’s economic reforms and challenges for its further development
•  Develop time management skills to complete works under time pressure.
Mode of Teaching
Lectures and Seminars/workshops
Independent Study
Learning and Teaching Strategies
To achieve the learning outcomes as specified in the curriculum, students will need to actively engage in learning through attending lectures, seminars, study workshops, participating and utilising team work in group discussions and presentations, as well as in research.
Learning from lectures will be supported through the provision of textbooks, academic papers, handouts, and other documents recommended by course lecturers.
Students will also be required to pursue independent study for research projects and their dissertation.  
The primary assessment includes:
· Examinations: demonstration of knowledge, understanding and ability to apply knowledge that has been taught.
· Reports and Projects: demonstration of independent research skills, evaluation skills, project management and written communication skills.
· Essays: demonstration of analytical abilities and written communication skills
· Seminar based assessment: demonstration of knowledge, analytical abilities, and verbal communication skills.
· Presentations: demonstration of knowledge, understanding and verbal communication skills
· Assessments used for evaluating the learning outcomes above will be planned by the course lecturer in the course’s syllabus.
o If assessment is a written examination, then it follow these general guidelines: a 3-hour examination for 3 credit course, a 2-hour examination for 1.5 or 2 credit course, unless otherwise specified by the course lecturer.
o The assessment shall be graded according to the Assessment Policy, Moderation Policy, and Academic Regulations of the UK Campus.
o The assessment grade will be approved by the examination board of the UK Campus for all courses undertaken at the UK Campus.
All courses taught or lectured at the UK Campus for credit towards the international MBA degree of PKU will be approved by Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) – Shenzhen Campus.    
Students can take courses provided by PHBS at the Shenzhen Campus either via online lectures or via face-to-face teaching when the students go to Shenzhen, China for their 2nd year of study.
The syllabus of each course will be prepared by individual lecturers in line with the academic standards and required formats prescribed by Peking University (PKU), including assessment methods.
For a PKU credit course, each taught course will either have 24-36 of direct contact teaching hours for 3 credits, or 18 direct contact teaching hours for 1.5-2 credits.
Teaching can be delivered offline or online, depending on the circumstances.
A course will normally be taught in 8-9 consecutive weeks over a term with 4-4.5 hrs each week.
See List of Courses for MA in Management that will be lectured in the UK Campus for the Cross-Border MA Study Programme.
See full list of courses that have been approved by PHBS for MA in Management.
Criteria of admission for the Programme
(a)Satisfy the postgraduate admission criteria of Peking University
(b)IELTS 6.5 or equivalent for international students from outside China and non-English speaking countries or regions.
(c)First University degree at a grade of upper merit (2.1 from UK universities) or an overall GPA at or above 3.5 or equivalent
(d)  Satisfy Admission Interview if required
(1) Dissertation project shall normally be conducted at the School in China in the 2nd year study of the Programme, unless there is a special circumstance for students to pursue dissertation research at the UK Campus.
(2) Dissertation standard and supervision shall follow the Thesis Guidance of PKU;
(3) The supervisor shall normally be appointed by the School and a list of supervisors with their expertise will be provided by the School to students to consider their choice.
(4) The supervisor is expected to provide guidance when necessary, such as to suggest an initial reading list, and to advise on possible routes around research problems
(5) For supervision of individual projects, both student and supervisor are expected to establish a sensible working routine. The supervisor is expected to have one hour of contact time with the supervisee per week, on average, for the entire duration of the project. Email or Skype/Zoom communication may count as contact time.
(6) Dissertations will be structured as follows: title page, abstract, table of contents, main text including introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis/discussion, and concluding marks, plus the list of references and appendix if applicable.
(7) Dissertations shall be original, critical, structured, and formatted clearly in terms of its presentation and arguments
(8) Dissertations need to show clear evidence of understanding the difference between existing or previous studies on the topic and the contribution of the dissertation.   
(9) The dissertation can be written in either English or in Chinese with an abstract written in both English and Chinese.
(10) The length of the dissertation is usually around 8,000 - 12,000 words.
(11) The dissertation will normally take 5 months for research and writing.
(12) Assessment of dissertation is through a Viva Voce Examination attended by 3 independent examiners who are not engaged in supervision.   
(13) The deadline for handing in the dissertation will be set on the last week of April of the 2nd year of study, or in December if a delay in submission is permitted.
(14) The dissertation will be checked against plagiarism software (such as Turnitin) to prevent cases of plagiarism. The failing grade F will be given if instances of plagiarism is found.  
(15) The credit of dissertation is: pass or failure
(16) If the students failed the dissertation, then they will be required to resubmit their dissertation with time period specified by the School.
(17) Any complaints about supervision and appeals towards the outcome of dissertation shall follow the Student Complaints and Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures as of the UK Campus or the School.
Learning Support
• Student Induction week
• Student Handbook
• Course Handouts and Syllabus
• Electronic library facilities including access to journal papers and datasets
• Bloomberg data
• Textbooks for students to borrow
• Weekly Office Hours or direct email liaison with lecturers
• A computer room
• Statistical software, such as Stata, installed in computer room
• Senior Tutor advisory support
• After-class activities
• Welfare service support
• Dissertation supervisor for advice and guidance
• Staff-student liaison meeting
List of Courses for MA in Management Taught in the UK Campus for cross-Border MA Study Programme
MA Management  
Financial Accounting C
Business Mathematics C
Academic Writing C
Chinese 1 & 2 S
Business Chinese C
Research Methodology C
Business Ethics C
Managerial Economics /Microeconomics C
Empirical Business Analysis  04716932 C
Corporate Finance S
Organisational Behaviour
International Finance
Artificial Intelligence Analytics 1 S
Marketing Management
Introduction to Chinese Economy C
Strategic Management
Operations Management
Blockchain and Digital Currency S
Merger and Acquisition S
Independent Study of China C
Note:  C – Compulsory Course;  S – Selective Courses
Full List of Courses Approved by PHBS for MA in Management
Serial No. The Title of Courses The Type of courses* Credit
04716272 Business Ethics and Research Methodology  Required 3
04716532 Business Mathematics Required 3
04716760 Writing in English Required 3
04719220 Business Chinese I Required 3
04719230 Business Chinese II Required 3
04716003 Independent Study of China Required 3
04716722 Introduction to Chinese Economy Required 3
04712550 Financial Accounting Required 3
04712530 Managerial Economics Required 3
04716932 Empirical Business Analysis Required 3
04712680 Marketing Management Required 3
04716102 Operations Management Required 3
04716182 Strategic Management Required 3
04712540 Organizational Behavior Required 3
04716882 CEO and Top Management Team Major Elective 3
04716051 Managing Post Merger Integration Major Elective 3
04716050 Game Theory Major Elective 3
04716082 Venture Design Major Elective 3
04716012 Entrepreneurial Finance: Opportunity Recognition, Evaluation & Resource Acquisition Major Elective 3
04716890 Entrepreneurship Major Elective 3
04716892 Board of Directors Major Elective 3
04716420 Independent Study Major Elective 3
04716770 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance Major Elective 3
04716580 Corporate Finance Major Elective 3
04712570 Corporate Strategy Major Elective 3
04716922 Supply Chain Management Major Elective 3
04716202 Managing Mergers &Acquisitions Major Elective 3
04712600 Managerial Accounting Major Elective 3
04716982 Managerial Decision Making Major Elective 3
04716312 Managerial Network Analysis Major Elective 3
04716162 International Management Major Elective 3
04716110 International Finance Major Elective 3
04716031 Cutting-Edge Comparative Study of International Financial Service Laws Major Elective 3
04716120 Money and Banking Major Elective 3
04716290 Mergers and Acquisitions Major Elective 3
04716840 Finance in Practice Major Elective 3
04716972 Decision Models and Business Game Major Elective 3
04716872 Technology Entrepreneurship Major Elective 3
04716442 The Art of Leadership Major Elective 3
04716730 Enterprisers and Enterprises Major Elective 3
04716011 Corporate Culture and Organizational Communication Major Elective 3
04716852 Business Case Analysis Major Elective 3
04716732 Negotiations Major Elective 3
04716990 Communication for Business Major Elective 3
04716460 Research of Business Model Major Elective 3
04716041 Empirical Industrial Organization Major Elective 3
04716690 Experimental Economics Major Elective 3
04716022 Taxation and Business Strategy Major Elective 3
04716900 Organizational Network Analysis Major Elective 3
04716472 Project Management Major Elective 3
04716750 Consumer Behavior Major Elective 3
04716960 Digital Marketing Major Elective 3
04706112 Marketing Research Major Elective 3
04716142 Marketing Strategy Major Elective 3
04716642 Strategic Management Research Major Elective 3
04716752 Strategic Leadership Major Elective 3
04712630 Strategic Human Resource Management Major Elective 3
04716492 Topics in China Cross-Border Development Major Elective 3
04716061 The Chinese Wisdom of Leadership Major Elective 3
04716652 China Studies Major Elective 3
04716790 Applied Research Seminars Elective 0
04719222 Spoken Chinese Elective 2
04716470 Advanced Macroeconomics Ⅰ Elective 3
04716190 Advanced Microeconomics (I) Elective 3
04712040 Fixed Income Securities Elective 3
04716122 Financial Risk Management Elective 3
04716232 An Industrial Organization Approach to Finance Elective 3
04716612 Financial Modeling Elective 3
04716462 Alternative Investment Elective 3
04716372 Market Microstructure Elective 3
04716552 Applied Stochastic Processes Elective 3
Note:  R – Required Course;  S – Selective Courses
How to apply
1. Send your CV and official transcripts in English to  and copy 
2. Start online application through  after receiving instructions from us
3. Post all your documents and application forms to our admission office in Shenzhen, China :Admissions Office for International Students,Room 115 ,Peking University HSBC Business School University Town,Nanshan District Shenzhen China. Post code: 518055,
Documents that need to be included:
1. A copy of your degree certificate and transcript
2. Evidence of your English language qualifications
3. An up-to-date CV
4. Two academic references


Start Date: September 2023

Duration: 2 years

Tuition fees: £19,000 + RMB 60,000 or £25000