A Big Thank You to Evai in Support of Research at the UK Campus of PHBS

Celebrating Peking University’s 123rd Anniversary 
A Big Thank You to Evai in Support of Research at the UK Campus of PHBS 
A 3-year Academic Collaboration between Evai and PHBS-UK Campus
On 4 May 2021, the UK Campus of Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) celebrated the 123rd Anniversary of Peking University with a big thank you to Evai for their generous donation of £25,000. The funds are the first of three contributions, spread over three years, totaling £75,000 in research funding. The research funding is contributed in support of research on fintech development at the UK Campus of PHBS.  The funds will be used in data purchase and financing research scholars to pursue and further their research on the application of fintech to the financial and banking industries. Evai will also be providing access to its pioneering cryptoasset ratings platform as an academic learning tool and will offer student internships with their UK based Research and Development team.
This is the start of a 3-year academic collaboration between Evai and PHBS-UK that is aimed at enabling both parties to collaborate on world-leading research in cryptocurrency and blockchain. As part of the collaboration, Professor Guy Liu, Head of PHBS-UK Campus joins the Evai team in the role of senior academic advisor, and he will be consulting on financial ratings research and development. This collaboration is founded with thanks to Professor Andros Gregoriou, a current visiting professor at PHBS-UK, who is also the co-founder of Evai and its Chief Research Officer.
The academic collaboration kicked off with an interview between our postgraduate students – Zayed Bennani and Tatiana Kurbakova student members of PHBS-UK’s Student Union with the founder and CEO of Evai, Matt Dixon. The interview was on the topic, “What does the Gamestop saga reveal about centralized finance?” Our students engaged Mr Dixon on his views about centralized finance, retail investing, and the impact of the Gamestop saga on investing and cryptocurrency. Throughout the interview, Mr Dixon was very forthcoming about his views on retail investing, centralized finance, and the rationale behind decentralization and autonomy – the very heart of Evai. This interview has been turned into a podcast and is currently available on Spotify:


Evai is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) presenting a world-class rating system for crypto, DeFi and NFT-based assets that can be used by anyone to evaluate these new asset classes. The Evai MVP ratings model launched on 30 April featuring 20 leading cryptoassets and will rapidly scale up from its initial offering of twenty leading cryptos to over 2,000 by the end of 2021.
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