PHBS UK Coming Together to Help Ukraine


Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and the war in Russo-Ukrainain has placed millions of families and children in immediate danger. According to Unicef, more than half of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children were forced to flee the ongoing violence. Homes, schools, hospitals were damaged or destroyed. People in Ukraine have been left without clean water, food, or electricity.
As the Ukrainian crisis grows, we at PHBS UK would like to do our part to support and help children and families affected by the crisis. On Tuesday 5th April 2022, PHBS UK successfully organized a charity drive and the items we have collected was used to provide humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine.  Staff and students were asked to donate various items such as medical supplies, food containers, bedding, emergency blankets, torches, batteries, and seat pads. 
In addition, over the past year, our student organized society - PHBS Good Guys,  founded by our student body on the basis of spreading goodwill and charity in local community - has been collecting monetary donations from staff, students, and various fundraising activities to go towards helping various charities.  In response to the humanitarian crisis faced by Ukraine, PHBS Good Guys has elected to use the funds collected towards the purchase of supplies and necessities to help the people of Ukraine.  
The response from our staff and students has been overwhelming. PHBS UK was floored by the generosity and kindness shown and we managed to collect a fantastic number of items.  These included duvets, pillows, blankets, bedding, towels, toiletries, first aid items, medical supplies, etc. All the items donated were loaded by our students onto our minibus, taken to Ertegun House and handed over to the Oxford University Ukrainian Society.

Here at PHBS UK, we strive to develop leaders for China and the world. Inclusiveness and a desire to come together in times when humanity is in need of help are some of the most significant values we strive to cultivate.  

A BIG thanks goes to all staff and students who have kindly contributed and made this charity drive possible.

[Reported by Jacqueline O’Brien]