PHBS UK Campus Launches "Chinese Club on Cloud"

In the afternoon on March 10, UK local time, with the greetings of "Nǐ hǎo", the "Chinese Club on Cloud" activity was officially launched. This activity was jointly organized by the Peking University HSBC Business School UK Campus (PHBS UK) and the School of Chinese Language and Literature at Central China Normal University (CCNU). Prof. Guy Liu, Director of PHBS UK, Prof. Yu Yijiao, Deputy Dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature at CCNU, as well as instructors from both sides - Gui Mengqiu, Lu Fangzhe, and more than 30 students participated in the activity.
Prof. Guy Liu and Prof. Yu Yijiao delivered their welcome address respectively. They pointed out that the activity of "Chinese Club on Cloud" is not only a platform for students to practice their Chinese language, but also a bridge for the young generations from China and other countries to communicate with each other, which is of great significance to promoting the future generation to know each other and build up friendship for their life. The event was co-chaired by student representatives Roberta from PHBS UK and Feng Mingze from CCNU. In the sharing on the theme of "The Culture of Chinese Names", students from both sides introduced themselves and had a lively communication.
The discussion ended in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. This activity has deepened the mutual understanding of the students from both sides, and helped our international students to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.
"Chinese Club on Cloud" will continue to be held every Thursday of this Academic Year 2021-22.