PHBS School Sponsored Scholarships
In order to enhance the diversity of our student body, PHBS has created a school funded scholarship, specifically for international students. The scholarship provides qualified international students with strong academic and professional records with either half-tuition or full-tuition scholarship funding.
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Chinese Government Sponsored Scholarships
For those applicants who do not receive school-sponsored scholarships, the Chinese government offers grants to international applicants interested in pursuing higher education in China.  
Each year the China Scholarship Council (CSC) awards funding to hundreds of foreign students studying in China. While the CSC-funded scholarship will not fully cover the tuition cost at PHBS, the grant will go a long way towards easing the financial burden of relocating to China to study.
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UK Scholarship Opportunities
Aside from the PHBS scholarships which are determined based on individual applications from the Shenzhen campus, there are a number of other opportunities available for International students studying in the UK.
It is also worth checking whether your own country’s government has specific scholarships that would be relevant to you!
Future Finance Student Loans Future Finance is the UK's largest private student lender.
About Future Finance Loans
• Loans are offered from £2,000 - £40,000 to cover both Tuition Fees and Living Costs.
• Loans are offered to UK, EU and international students with a UK domiciled address.
How to apply? Students can submit an application online up to six months prior to the course commencing.
Students can get started by submitting an application via the Future Finance website to see if they're eligible.  
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Please be aware
PHBS will be required to verify your attendance on the course before any funding is released;
this will be completed after you have attended registration at PHBS. Any loan funds requested for tuition will be released directly to PHBS to be applied towards your tuition and loans for living costs will be paid directly to you.