PHBS EMBA Alumni Aimin Pu scales Mt Everest

As the 2021 Everest climbing season comes to an end, and we at PHBS-UK offers our heartiest congratulations to our EMBA alumni, Mr Aimin Pu, on his successful assent onto the summit of Mt Everest from the south slope on the 23 May 2021 at 9.15am.

Mr Aimin Pu is one of Shenzhen’s Top Ten Advertisers, and is currently the Chairman of Shenzhen Dandelion Advertising Co., Ltd., the founder of Hezhong Lijian Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and an alumni of the EMBA programme at PHBS (Class of 2015).

Mr Pu was born in a mountainous area in western Hunan, in a village aptly named the Xuefeng (Snowy Summit) Mountain Village. When he was a child, he never traveled far away from home. Despite that, this boy from the mountains had three dreams: to climb Mount Everest, travel all over the world, and be admitted to Peking University. It is with awe and admiration that we at PHBS offer our heartiest congratulations to Mr Pu for achieving all of his dreams.

Mr Pu’s journey up Mt Everest began much earlier than 2021. He first set foot on the entry-level Haba Snow Mountain in 2006, and received systematic running training for more than ten years. The results have been extraordinary. By 2018, Mr Pu has completed the world's six major marathons and most notably in 2019, he successfully completed another marathon with a personal best of 2 hours and 50 minutes. Mr Pu also completed the World Marathon Challenge (7 days, 7 continents and 7 marathons), climbed to the top of Muztag (altitude of 7546 meters), and completed the world's most difficult cross-country race - the 330-kilometer Italian "Giant Journey" marathon.

This was a difficult year for the Mount Everest climbing season which made Mr Pu’s success all the more extraordinary. Apart from the long and arduous training required to even attempt the assent and descent, the Covid-19 pandemic also restricted the number of mountaineers attempting the climb. The numbers have dropped drastically from the previous years – this year’s numbers were less than half of the previous years. On top of that, the outbreak of Covid-19 in Nepal in year saw the suspension of mountaineering activities on the north slope.
In the face of the threat of Covid-19 on Mount Everest, these brave mountaineers needed to make sure that they are healthy, in the best physical condition to attempt the assent and descent. Furthermore, they also need to strictly adhere to the precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 amongst the mountaineers. The climb this year saw the mountaineers exhibiting calm decision making in the most arduous of physical conditions while maintaining their wits about them.

The climbing spirit embodies the daring to venture and try, while at the same time never stopping in the face of obstacles and difficulties, which is exactly the same as the learning spirit here at PHBS. At Peking University, a university with thousands of students and alumni, just like the summit of Mount Everest, our PKU climbers are from all walks of life. We hope that all our staff, students and alumni could have the climbing spirit – dare to venture, dare to try, and never ever stop!