A Kaltendin Suit for every Final-Year PHBS Student

On 2 April 2021, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) signed an agreement with Shenzhen’s leading business-wear company, Kaltendin Co Ltd to supply Kaltendin suits to all final-year students of PHBS for their business presentation and job interview.  As it is commonly known, first impressions are very important and the way students present themselves to their future employers during the interview is paramount. Personal grooming, in particular, how students dress for that interview makes up a very crucial part in forming that first good impression and subsequent success in job interviews. Thus in order to give our students this added advantage, starting from 2021, PHBS has decided to use the ‘Haiwen Student Development Fund’ to purchase Kaltendin customised suits for every student in their final year of study. 

"Haiwen Student Development Fund" was originally set up to help students in need of financial assistance during the process of job-seeking and internship – to give them a boost before they embark on their career. The sustainability of this fund comes from the generous donations from alumni who had previously received help and support from this fund and with the help of this fund, able to achieve their career goals. Since the foundation was established in 2007, and since then, at least 67% of the graduates have donated back to the fund. This very much embodies the spirit of PHBS and the “饮水思源” (drinking water whilst contemplating its source) attitude of our students.
This decision to offer a new suit to every final-year student reflects the strategic commitment of PHBS to help and support our students become more competitive in job market and to be able to achieve their goals with regards to their career development. 

PHBS signs the agreement with Kaltendin

After price comparisons and a competitive bidding process, PHBS finally selected Kaltendin—a well-known chain clothing brand in China as our cooperative partner to supply suits to our students. According to the agreement, while ‘Haiwen Student Development Fund’ will finance the cost of the suits, Kaltendin has very kindly agreed to donate part of the profits from the sale of these suits back to the School. This generosity and support from Kaltendin arose from the CEO of Kaltendin being an alumni of PHBS. He and his company have been supportive of the development of PHBS and its programmes over the years.
The Dean of PHBS, Professor Wen Hai,  the Associate Dean of PHBS, Mr Zhiyi Li, and the Assistant Dean, Ms Fanshan Zhang, attended the signing ceremony and Kaltendin was represented by Mr Xiaohua Yan, the Vice-President of Kaltendin.
In his speech at the signing ceremony, Professor Wen Hai thanked Kaltendin and highlighted how this collaboration benefits both PHBS and Kaltendin; this win-win cooperation not only gives an image boost to our students and help them leave a good first professional impression with their future employers, it also helps to promote Kaltendin’s products on the market. Professor Hai hopes that our students will make full use of this opportunity to improve their professional presence in job interviews and boost their potential in the job market.

The Dean, Professor Wen Hai delivers opening remarks

In his speech, Mr Xiaohua Yan, the Vice President of Kaltendin thanked Professor Hai for the collaborative opportunity. He agreed with Professor Hai that this collaboration benefits both parties greatly; PHBS graduates are the future talents who will spearhead future social development in China, and having them wear Kaltendin’s suits is in tandem with Kaltendin ‘s brand positioning which is to create a professional image for business. Mr Yan also expressed his hope that both PHBS and Kaltendin would continue this collaboration with more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the coming years.
Visit Kaltendin exhibition gallery before signing the agreement

This collaboration is the latest programme undertaken by PHBS Students Employability Centre. On the 9th of April 2021, the school will hold the first School and Enterprise Cooperation Forum to further integrate school’s high quality enterprise resources, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and better help students' career development.

Yi Wang-- PHBS Master and Doctoral Office director, Yulu Peng-- deputy director of the Dean's Office and the Party Committee, Xiye Ma-- executive deputy director of PHBS Students Employability Centre, and 6 student representatives also attended the signing ceremony.