Peking University receives the largest single donation of 1BN RMB (£111 million) from a leading vocational education company in China

Peking University has recently received the incredibly generous donation of $1bn RMB (£110,833,300) from its alumnus, Mr Yongxin Li, the Chairman of the Board of Offcn Education Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first ever largest single private donation to PKU, from its alumnus since its founding. This donation, made together with the Beijing Zhonggong Public Welfare Foundation which is also under the leadership of Mr Li, will be used to set up the PKU-Offcn Education Development Fund. The donation and the setup of the fund aim to provide Peking University with an all-rounded support in areas such as promotion of academic development for different disciplinaries, teaching, research, training for faculty and student.
The donation ceremony was held at Peking University on the 3rd of March 2021 and was presided by Professor Ping Hao, President of Peking University, and Professor Bo Wang, the Vice President of Peking University, . The donation ceremony was also attended by Mr Qide Han, the vice chairman of the 10th and 11th Standing Committee of NPC, Mr Shuiping Qiu, chair of Peking University Council,  Mr Taoran Sun, honorary trustee of Peking University, distinguished guests, faculty members, and students from Peking University.

Mr Li was admitted to Peking University in 1995, to then Department of Political Science and Public Administration, which is now known as the School of Government. Mr Li started Offcn Education just as he was about to graduate from Peking University in 1999. With more than 20 years of dedicated development, Offcn Education has now become a leading vocational education institution in China.
An ardent supporter of Peking University, Mr Li also contributed generously, both financially as well as his personal time, to Peking University and his alma mater, the School of Government over the years. His recent donation is only one of the many significant donations and contributions that Mr Li has made to Peking University and the School of Government. Mr Li had previously donated 180 million RMB (£19,944,180), and also made numerous contributions to Peking University’s School of Government to support them in teaching, research, and student training. Mr Li also actively participated in a series of activities in 2018 that celebrated the 120th anniversary of Peking University. In that year, Mr Li donated 100 million RMB (£11,077,050.83) to finance Peking University towards the building of a quality campus, as well as donating his time to alumni-related work and towards the promotion of disciplinary development of humanities. Mr Li’s philantrophy continued with numerous generous donations to the School of Government and the Graduate School of Education in 2019. In 2020, together with other Peking University Alumni, Mr Li initiated the “White Angel Guardian Fund” amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr Li not personally contributed financially to the fund, he actively helped the fund raise over 100 million RMB (£11,077,050.83) in three days to support Peking University’s own medical workers in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.
With generous hearts and high hopes for the future development of Peking University and its students, Peking University’s alumni have been making significant donations in support of the University. It is these alumni donations that form the very pillar of support for Peking University as well as serving as a strong motivator for Peking University to continue striving as one of the world’s first-class global university.

Source: Peking University Education Foundation
Writer: Qiu Tianjie, Lee Xin Ying Rachel
Editor: Huang Weijian
Editor (PHBS-UK): Prof Guy Liu, Dr Carryn Yong
Photo: Wang Tiantian, Liu Yueling, Cao Qianqian, Song Mengli
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