PHBS UK Campus Launches "Chinese Club on Cloud"
In the afternoon on March 10, UK local time, with the greetings of "Nǐ hǎo", the "Chinese Club on Cloud" act
23 Mar 2022
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New Media Art: The Future of Art and Technology
On the 16th of February, the students and staff of the UK Campus had the pleasure of having Dr Jinjoon Lee to
23 Mar 2022
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How to write a good email? - a generic skill for everyone
In the face of a tumultuous challenge from social media, email has retained its crown as the most respected met
21 Mar 2022
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How are Chinese and English Language Different? A comparative study for Chinese learning and teaching
On Wednesday 2nd March 2022, the UK Campus of Peking University HSBC Business School was honoured to invite Prof
07 Mar 2022
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Nicholas Ruck: Living with Variety and Always Exploring
Meeting in a café near the Chongwen Gate, Beijing, in late autumn, Nicholas Ruck had just finished his da
25 Feb 2022
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A New Milestone of Collaboration Between LSE and PKU
PHBS and CIBL Sign Memorandum of Understanding for a Cooperative Program
01 Feb 2022
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Language is Mother of Culture
PHBS-UK Campus’ first "Hongmen Dialogue " on Chinese Learning
08 Dec 2021
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PHBS UK held a photo competition for all the new students to be able to show their first impressions of the UK and life at PHBS UK
09 Nov 2021
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